Reception Class Gallery 2020-21

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Reception this year.


Chicks - March 2021

In Reception we have been very lucky as we were able to watch some beautiful chicks hatch from their eggs. 10 little eggs arrived at school on Monday 15th March in their warm incubator. We watched them very carefully for two days, until they used their strong beaks to crack the shell on their eggs. We were very lucky to see all 10 of the baby chicks hatch out. We had 5 boys and 5 girls. We all enjoyed looking after them, keeping them warm, clean, feeding them and giving them water. We were also lucky enough to hold the chicks when they were first born and then again when they were 1 week old.

Merry Christmas - December 2020

Reception class wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Advent Hoop - December 2020

Reception - Stars - FAITH

Toys Old and New - November 2020

As part of our toys topic, we have been looking at old and new toys. Following our carpet session looking at a range of old toys, the children decided that they would like to make a cup and ball toy. They listened carefully to the instructions and were able to offer ideas as to how we would get the string inside the cup and what tools we could use to do this.
To make the toy the children:
1) Decorated their cups
2) Made a hole in the bottom of their cups using blue tac and a pen
3) Carefully, threaded the string into their cups (Mrs Austin made a knot on the inside of the cup)
4) The children then screwed up some tin foil, attaching it to the end of their string
5) They then played with their toys on the carpet area, seeing if they could get their ball inside the cup.
Well done everyone. You all worked very hard and following all of the instructions very well. :-)
I hope you enjoy playing with your ball and cups at home.

Fun Fingers - November 2020

In Reception it is very important that we work on our fine motor control to enable us to write with control and confidence. We enjoy using our fine motor table that has a variety of different activities to help with our co-ordination and control. The activities are very enjoyable and help to strengthen the muscles in our fingers.

Taking our Learning Outside - November 2020

Reception enjoy outdoor learning and are becoming much more confident when moving around the trim trail. They also enjoy using a variety of equipment that we have available outside to help enhance their learning in all areas. As this is independent outdoor learning, the children choose what it is that they would like to learn and we go with their interests and further their development that way.


Phonics - October 2020

Reception have been working very hard during their phonics lessons, practising the correct formation of our letter sounds and trying to find words that begin with each sound. We are working very hard on phase 2 sounds so that we can start reading small words and simple sentences.