Year 1 Events Gallery 2018-19

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in school.

Drumming Workshop - July 2019

We really enjoyed our drumming workshop.

Spanish Food Tasting - June 2019

We enjoyed tasting Spanish foods. We had chorizo, Manchengo cheese, tortilla, potato bravas and tortill chips!!

Dance Workshop - June 2019

We really enjoyed our dance workshop!

Road Safety Session  - June 2019

We really enjoyed our Road Safety sessions. We went onto the street and found a safe place to cross the road.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - June 2019

We had a brilliant day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park!  We had the chance to look at and handle a giant millepede, a giant stick insect and a giant African snail. Then we walked round the park and saw tigers, giraffes, wallabies, polar bears, leopards and baboons! Finally we found a brilliant play area- we had to climb up to the top and then we could whizz down the slides!

Circus Skills - April 2019

We enjoyed our Circus topic and had a go at hula hooping, juggling scarves and tightrope walking!!

Visit to School Allotment - March 2019

We visited the school allotment to look for signs of new life. We saw flowers, blossom on trees, frogspawn and a newt! We enjoyed exploring the allotment and looking in the ponds.

Princess and the Pea - March 2019

Over the last few weeks, the Reception and Year 1 classes have been practising hard learning songs linked to the story of ‘The Princess and the Pea’.  On Friday 22nd March, they joined children from Mayfield Primary School in a final performance at Waterhead Academy. Two ladies from the Oldham Music Centre helped facilitate, along with musicians from the Royal Northern College of Music.  The children dressed up as princes, princesses or paupers.

Plants Topic - March 2019

We enjoyed planting seeds as part of our topic about plants. We planted cress, beans and sunflowers.

People Who Help Us - Police Visit - March 2019

PC Clough came in to talk to us about the role of the police. He showed us the equipment that he uses including a walkie talkie, a body camera and some handcuffs!

World Book Day - March 2019

Pancake Day Fractions - March 2019

On Shrove Tuesday, as part of our fractions work, we cut pancakes into halves and quarters before we ate them!

Kenny Karate - February 2019

We really enjoyed our karate session with Kenny Karate.  We did lots of punches and high kicks and even tried to do the splits!

Business Challenge 2018

We enjoyed our Business Challenge. We designed and made photo frames. They will make lovely Christmas presents.

Scoot Fit Session - November 2018

We had lots of fun in our Scoot Fit session.

Bear Hunt - October 2018

On the 10th October we went on a Bear Hunt. It was a beautiful Autumn day and we really enjoyed our walk. We didn't see any bears but we saw lots of beautiful leaves!

Once Upon a Time - September 2018

As part of our "Once Upon a Time" topic we built the Three Little Pigs houses. We used the materials, straw, stick and bricks. We didn't have a wolf so we tested them using a hairdryer and the brick house was the strongest!