Year 1 Gallery 2022-23

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 1 this year.


Imagine That Liverpool - July 2023

On Tuesday 4th July we went on our school trip to Imagine That! in Liverpool. We all had so much fun and there were so many activities for us all to do. We made fridge magnets, bath bombs and watched a science show in the Art Beatz area. In the Imagination Village we got to role play in lots of different areas including a pizza parlour, vets, supermarket, hairdressers, and construction site. There were even lots of different dressing up clothes for us. Then we went to make slime, never melting snow and watched a Dry Ice Show. To finish the day, we got to explore through free play in the Science Area and try lots of different science investigations.


Class Assembly - May 2023

Year 1 did a fantastic job of their class assembly all about the United Kingdom and the story of the Queen's Handbag. They all spoke so clearly and did a very honourable job of singing the national anthem too! Well done Year 1! 

Computing Lesson - April 2023

Year 1 have been learning to log onto and use the Chromebooks to access Purple Mash for their coding lessons. We have been learning to move objects by using code and the children have impressed us with their skills! 

Art - March 2023

In our art topic this half term we have been focusing on the work of Jackson Pollock and linking it to our Space topic. First we tried to recreate a Jackson Pollock painting by using his 'drip painting' and then we continued to explore with his techniques by creating our own planets using marbling ink. They turned out great! We definitely have some future famous artists in our class! 

Computing - March 2023

Year 1 were very excited to be told they will be getting to complete their computing sessions in the Y3 classroom whilst they are at swimming. We are learning through a mixture of iPad and Chrome Book activities and here you can see some of the children practising their speed typing skills using the correct fingers on the iPad. They were all very fast! 

Pancake Day - February 2023

Year 1 really enjoyed picking toppings to try on their pancakes! The choices were chocolate sauce, maple syrup, lemon juice and whipped cream. The most popular combination was definitely chocolate sauce and cream!

The Lion King Performance - February 2023

Year 1 loved their Lion King topic before half term and really enjoyed learning some of the dance moves used in the official Disney musical! For our final performance of our dance to the song 'Just Can't Wait to be King', the children put on their lion masks and performed amazingly in front of Mr Leigh who is in charge of PE. He was super impressed and even asked to perform with the children! 

Maths: Place Value - January 2023

Year One have been learning all about place value in maths and how to represent numbers in different ways. They had a really tricky job this week when they had to make teen numbers using the tens and ones counters. They all tried so hard and did a brilliant job!


A Stinky Investigation - January 2023

Year One were really shocked to receive a rather stinky parcel from the zoo.... it was full of animal poos! Whilst holding their noses from the smell, the children had to break apart the different animal poo to see which animal it belonged to. Each one had clues hidden inside as to what the animal's diet was and this helped them match it up to the animal it belonged to. Well done Year One!


Letters to Father Christmas - December 2022

Year 1 all had a great time writing their letters to Father Christmas and telling him about all the fantastic things they have been doing. They couldn't believe it when we got a parcel delivered and it had a card in for every child from Father Christmas himself! 

Polar Express Day - December 2022

To celebrate such a fantastic first term in Year 1 today we had a Polar Express Day. We made our own shortbread Gingerbread people which we decorated and then really enjoyed eating before making salt dough decorations to take home. We also had hot chocolates and treats whilst we watched The Polar Express. We all came to school in our pyjamas too! 

3D Shapes - December 2022

Year 1 have been learning all about 3D shapes this week. We have learnt to recognise and name a range of 3D shapes and even made our own 3D shape models.


Reading - November 2022

We love reading in Year 1 and have really enjoyed getting to read in the new Sparkle Room on the comfy cushions and in the teepee as well as in the Reading Garden in our classroom. 

Subtraction Snakes - November 2022

Miss Bamber set us a really tricky challenge to complete the subtraction number sentences and colour the picture in the correct colours. She was so impressed with how well we did! 

Senses - October 2022

Year 1 have been learning all about the Senses in our Science topic 'Incredible Me!' As part of the topic we explored the sense of taste and tried lots of different fruits including blueberries, pineapple and melon. Later on we tried different flavours of crisp and although they all looked the same they tasted very different! The children all enjoyed this activity and did a super job!  


Parachute Fun! - October 2022

Year 1 have been playing lots of team and partner games in PE this half term and the favourite amongst the children has definitely been the parachute! Using the parachute we have played lots of different listening games and games that include balls and switching places underneath the parachute. At the end of the session we all hide underneath the dome we can make with the parachute too!