Year 1 Gallery 2020-21

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 1 this year.


Fractions: Learning all about halving - May 2021

The children have been fantastic this week as we have started to learn about fractions. We started by matching up missing halves to an object before starting to learn how to halve an amount using cubes. We moved onto some really tricky numbers by the end and the children were all very quick at halving the amount of cubes. Next we will be moving onto quarters.

Parts of a Plant Investigation - May 2021

Year 1 were tasked with the really difficult job of dissecting a daffodil to show they could label the different parts. The children all did such a great job of remembering all of the different parts.


Maths Lesson - May 2021

Today we were consolidating our knowledge on counting in 5s by using the numicon to print the multiples of 5. Mrs Douglas showed us how to write the number sentences to help us. We really enjoyed this activity, even if it was really messy!

Egg-Citing Animals: Dear Dinosaur - April 2021

Year 1 had a very special delivery! Ancient dinosaur poo from the museum... Year 1 could tell it was really old as it was very smelly! The children all really enjoyed dissecting each poo to see what the dinosaur had eaten and work out whether they were a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.

Egg-Citing Animals - April 2021

There was a lot of excitement in Year 1 as the children came in to a very messy classroom. They were soon hunting around for clues about who the culprit could be and spotted some very unusual things! There were lots of very large animal footprints leading from our classroom to the outside area, the egg had disappeared from our Curiosity Cube and a note to say there had been some very interesting CCTV footage caught overnightfor us to watch. The children couldn’t believe their eyes when a dragon had been caught on camera in our very own classroom!


World Book Day - March 2021

For World Book Day 2021 we all got dressed up as pirates for our story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’. All of the children looked fantastic! We had a Zoom story time where Miss Bamber showed us the animated video of the story before we had to try and spot the book hidden in a picture of a treasure island. To finish our Zoom, Miss Bamber read us the story of ‘10 Little Pirates’ and we all joined in. This afternoon we all went outside to walk the plank and see if we could get across to a new pirate ship without being eaten by sharks!


Tuesday RE Lessons - March 2021

Year 1 have an RE lesson every Tuesday morning with a different focus each week. Here you can see Year 1 learning all about the windows we can see in Church after a discussion about the events of Easter. The children learnt all about the different important days around Easter time and made these stained glass windows to represent their learning. These can now be seen displayed on the entrance to the Annexe

Maths Learning - Measurement - March 2021

Our main focus in Maths this half term has been looking at measurement. We have learnt to measure height and length with a ruler, measure weight with scales and capacity with measuring jugs. When learning about height and length we measured objects around school and had to measure and order crocodiles and caterpillars. When learning about weight, we weighed objects in the classroom against cubes and had to measure when the weight was equal. One of the children's shoes weighed 108 cubes! I think the children enjoyed exploring capacity the most as they made Monster Milkshakes and got to do lots of measuring (and splashing) in the water tray!


Our Special Visitors - March 2021

Year 1 loved watching the chicks grow during their time in the annexe. All of the children were very brave when choosing to hold a chick... even when they tried to walk up some children's arms!

Alien Day - February 2021

To celebrate the end of our 'Out of this World' topic, we had an Alien Day in Year One. Miss Bamber was so impressed with all of our costumes! As part of our Alien Day, we had a Zoom Party with the whole class to celebrate the end of our Space topic. First, Miss Bamber read the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and we had to do our best alien dance moves every time Miss Bamber said the word ‘alien’. Next, we played a game where we put our whiteboards on our heads and we had to try to draw space pictures– it was lots of fun but really tricky! Finally, we played Musical Statues with a twist… when the music stopped we had to stand still… and on 1 leg! After our Zoom Party had finished, we made star constellations out of marshmallows and spaghetti... it was a fun day!

Phonics with Tom Cat - January 2021

Year 1 had a Zoom phonics session with the children learning from home. They learnt all about the split diagraph 'a_e' and were all very surprised when Tom Cat came to play bingo with us!

Merry Christmas - December 2020

Year 1 wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Annexe Christmas Party - December 2020

The children all had a fantastic time at the annexe Christmas party. We played lots of games and had not only one but 2 special visitors! First TomCat came to join in with our superb dancing and then we had a Zoom call from Father Christmas, all the way from the North Pole! Although he couldn't come and visit us in person, he sent us lovely presents! Our Christmas party was finished off with some party food.

Practical Maths - December 2020

As part of our Maths learning this half term we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. The children did a fantastic job of recognising the different 3D shapes, learning about their properties and also making patterns with 2D shapes. Miss Bamber was super impressed with their shape knowledge and how hard they all tried with the tricky learning! Well done Year 1, keep it up!

Designing boats for Traction Man - December 2020

For our DT project, we had to design and make a boat for Traction Man. We had to think carefully about the materials we would use so that the boat would float. Miss Bamber wanted us to take extra care with our designs so that we could replicate them using the materials. After we had made our boats we tested them out in the water tray to see which would float and which would sink. Nearly all of them floated, marking our projects a huge success!


Advent Hoop - December 2020

Year 1 - Angels/ Doves - PEACE

Wonderful Me - Healthy Eating - October 2020

As part of our recent topic on healthy eating we made fruit salads using a range of different fruits and pineapple juice. The children all thoroughly enjoyed making their own fruit salads and enjoyed tasting them even more! They had to very carefully pick the fruits with a little skewer and count out a set amount of each fruit. We discussed how important it is to eat fruits to keep a balanced diet and keep us nice and healthy too. This activity was a big hit with the children in Year 1! We also looked at some really unusual fruits too to see if we knew what they were.

Wonderful Me - The Human Body - October 2020

In our topic we have been looking at the human body. The children had a really tricky task to put together the jigsaw of a human skeleton. We talked about the different parts of the skeleton and how if we didn't have a skeleton we would be like jelly! The children all showed great investigation skills and all of the Y1 staff were very impressed with their knowledge on the skeleton. Once we had learnt about the skeleton, we attempted to recognise different major organs and where they go in the body. Apart from the intestines ending up in the skull, the children all did a fantastic job! They were all very shocked too that the heart is not in the shape of a love heart!

Taking Maths Outside - October 2020

During our time outside, we like to complete activities that show off how fantastic our maths knowledge is. In this activity, Miss Bamber hid all of the numbers around the outdoor area and we had to find them all and put them in order. At first we put them in order backwards so we discussed how we can count backwards but the order they need to go in to count forwards. All the children tried so hard and really enjoyed hunting for the hidden numbers!