Year 2 Events Gallery 2018-19

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class. 


Pesto Recipe - June 2019


We made pesto pasta in class.  The children loved it so we said we would put the recipe on our website page.

Please select the document below to download a printable version of the recipe.


File icon: pdf Pesto recipe for Parents [pdf 71KB] Click to download

Drumming Worskshop - June 2019

We had great fun at our drumming workshop.

Trip to Smithills Farm - June 2019

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Smithills Farm on Tuesday.  It was a very busy but enjoyable day! The children experienced feeding baby lambs and were then allowed to hold lots of other small animals. They loved seeing the European Eagle owls and meercats! An exciting tractor ride took them to feed some beautiful donkeys. Finally the children had a donkey ride and watched some cows being milked. All the children had a fantastic day despite the wet weather!  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED MAKE IT A SUPER DAY!

RE Special Places Topic - Y2 Visit to Church - May 2019

To name some of the key features in a Christian church.

To reflect on what people do in a place of worship.

To appreciate why places of worship are important to people.

To know how these special buildings are used.

To appreciate what a place of worship is for.



Measurements - February 2019

Doing measuring- using g and kg to measure weight, using thermometers and degrees Celsius to measure temperature, using cm and m to measure length and using ml and litres to measure capacity. We also measured the length and weight of Carlos the bearded dragon!

Kenny Karate Lesson - February 2019

Scooter Day - November 2018

We had great fun learning how to ride our scooters better.

Science Investigation - Materials - November 2018

Piggies with Problems - Investigation Question - What materials should the pigs use to build a strong house?

Meet Karlos - September 2018

Karlos is our Year 2 class pet.  He is a bearded dragon.  We all love him.

Pirate Visit - September 2018

HISTORY /SPEAKING AND LISTENING - Thursday 13th September 2018

WALT – To ask a pirate visitor questions to find out facts about ‘Pirate Life’. (K) (S)

WILF – I know facts about real pirates. (K)

I can listen carefully and show good manners. (A)

I can formulate asking sentences. (S)