Year 2 Events Gallery 2018-19

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class. 


Measurements - February 2019

Doing measuring- using g and kg to measure weight, using thermometers and degrees Celsius to measure temperature, using cm and m to measure length and using ml and litres to measure capacity. We also measured the length and weight of Carlos the bearded dragon!

Kenny Karate Lesson - February 2019

Scooter Day - November 2018

We had great fun learning how to ride our scooters better.

Science Investigation - Materials - November 2018

Piggies with Problems - Investigation Question - What materials should the pigs use to build a strong house?

Meet Karlos - September 2018

Karlos is our Year 2 class pet.  He is a bearded dragon.  We all love him.

Pirate Visit - September 2018

HISTORY /SPEAKING AND LISTENING - Thursday 13th September 2018

WALT – To ask a pirate visitor questions to find out facts about ‘Pirate Life’. (K) (S)

WILF – I know facts about real pirates. (K)

I can listen carefully and show good manners. (A)

I can formulate asking sentences. (S)