Year 3 Events Gallery 2021-22

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 3 this year.


Allotment Visit - May 2022

Y3 had a brilliant time at the allotment! We weeded, dug over the flower beds and looked at some plants and seeds.  We all worked really hard and Mrs Jakeman gave us a biscuit each to say thank you! We thought the allotment was fascinating and wonderful!

Year 3 Class Assembly - March 2022

On Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th March, Year 3 performed their class assembly to the whole-school and then their parents. We shared all our learning about Queen Victoria, performed the national anthem and recited a poem as a class. We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and sharing all of our busy learning with the school and our parents.


World Book Day - March 2022

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. The children particularly enjoyed meeting Mr and Mrs Twit!



Landscapes Turner - March 2022

As part of our Turner topic, Year 3 created watercolour paintings and charcoal drawings of local landscapes. Using learnt shading and light techniques, we managed to create an impressive finish. Take a look at some of the final results...




Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Orienteering - February 2022

As part of our Physical Education, Year 3 completed various outdoor adventurous activities. During this half term we have learnt how to read maps, use a compass and locate various flags and objects placed around the school grounds.




Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - January 2022

Year 3 have been busy learning about recycling. The children discussed where their rubbish goes once it has been used. We also took part in a live lesson with Recycle for Greater Manchester. They set the class a task to create something new using their own household materials. Check out our junk modelling below ...

Christmas Dinner - December 2021

Year 3 have been enjoying all of the festivities in school leading up to Christmas. They sung beautifully at the whole-school Christmas Carol Concert and enjoyed their Christmas Dinner Day as a class.

Christmas Party - December 2021

On Friday 10th December, Year 3 held their Christmas Party. The children danced to music and took part in a variety of different party games. Finally, the children came together in their classroom to eat snacks and celebrate this special time of year.

Christmas Market - December 2021

Year 3 made Christmas Chocolate Pouches with a White Chocolate Snowman and a Milk Chocolate Reindeer inside. The stall was a success as all pouches were sold, raising over £100! The children loved making the chocolates and were thrilled with their purchase.


Experience Christmas - December 2021

On Thursday 2nd December, Year 3 visited St Thomas' church to participate in 'Experience Christmas'. The children were split into six groups and completed a carousel of activities, all linked to the Christmas story. The stations were titled: The Preparation, The Announcement, The Journey, The Message and The Promise. Finally, the class came together to present Jesus with their gifts of peace, love, hope, bravery and respect. Check out all our busy learning.

The Amazing Egyptians - November 2021

Over the last two weeks, Year 3 have been learning about the ancient Egyptians. First, the children learnt where this civilisation fits within the history timeline, discussing the terms BC and AD. Next, we learnt where Egypt is in the world, locating the River Nile and its capital city.  The children particularly enjoyed finding out about the daily lives of Egyptians and the different Pharaohs throughout this period. We have learnt about the process of mummification and have built our own pyramids in Numeracy. Check out our busy learning in this topic.

Let There Be Light - October 2021

Over the last two weeks, Year 3 have been learning about the Science topic Light. First, the children recognised that we need light to see. Next, we learnt that light from the sun can be dangerous, therefore we must protect our eyes.  The children particularly enjoyed learning how light is reflected from surfaces and that shadows are formed when light is blocked by a solid object. Check out our busy learning in this topic.

Just Dance PE - October 2021

In PE we have been creating our own dance sequences linked to Just Dance. We used music to create imaginative movements and simple dances, and performed them in front of the rest of the class. Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying their dance lessons this half-term and are looking forward to their final performances.

Rule of Law - September 2021

This week Year 3 have been learning about the Rule of Law. The children discussed the differences between rules and laws. Later in the week Year 3 learnt about Moses' story and the ten commandments. Year 3 decided to create their own 10 laws to abide by. Check out our busy learning.