Year 5 Events Gallery 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class.


Sky High Adventure Trip - May 2018

On Friday 18th May year 5 went to Sky High Adventure as part of our school sports premium allocation. They did lots of different activities that pushed them out of their comfort zones, such as Clip and Climb, High Ropes and Caving. All of year 5 were fantastic and tried something different! Myself, Mrs Butterworth and Mrs Pilling all complimented the class on their conduct out of school and for having the courage to climb the walls and explore the caves.

Skeleton Athlete Visit- April 2018

We had a visit from a skeleton athlete, who is going to be in the next Winter Olympics! She shared lots of interesting information about her sport in assembly and then year 5 had the opportunity to do a question and answer session with her after.

Year 5 Business Challenge - March 2018

Year 5's business was called 'Cross Your Heart', we sold beaded crosses and cornflake cakes. We made a fantastic profit and learnt all about how a business works. We worked in different teams, such as the sales team who advertised the product to the different classes and the finance team, who worked out the prices for our products.

Careers Fair at Mahdlo - March 2018

On Tuesday 20th March, year 5 went to a careers fair at Mahdlo in Oldham. This was a worthwhile and valuable experience for all of the class. There were a variety of stalls for the children to consider possible career opportunites. All of the children got involved in the different stalls and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon!

Harry Potter Yoga - March 2018

In PE we had a go at yoga. A lot of the moves were based around a story from Harry Potter. We looked at different breathing techiques and practised our balancing skills.

World Book Day - March 2018

Look at our great costumes.  Thank you parents for supporting this event.

BBC Weather With Year 5 - February 2018

As part of our 'Map Mania' topic we looked at a map of the United Kingdom. We then created our own weather reports and presented them to our class. We were focussing on our oracy skills and taking on the role of a 'real' weather reporter.

Litter Picking - January 2018

For our Eco topic we went litter picking in the local area. We all got stuck in and made a HUGE difference!

African Class Assembly - November 2017

Our class assembly was filled with singing, dancing and acting!  We showed off our brilliant art and all of our busy learning.  We had a fantastic morning and hope you did too.

Gymnastics - October 2017

In gymnastics we have been looking at different balances, rolls and jumps. In partners, we created sequences and performed them to our classmates.

Science Investigations - Friction and Air Resistance - October 2017

As a whole class we looked at friction and air resistance using a balloon. We tried lots of different methods to keep the balloon up, however ended up using straws!

Science Investigations - Air Resistance - October 2017

We carried out a science investigation looking at air resistance. In groups we made different sized parachutes and timed them from the classroom window.