Year 5 Events Gallery 2018-19

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class.



The Great Science Share - June 2019

On Tuesday 18th June, a group of Y5 scientists, named The Lava Lampers, attended 'The Great Science Share' at Denshaw Village Hall. Here they presented an experiment to Delph and Denshaw schools, answering their own question "DO DIFFERENT OILS MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A LAVA LAMP?" Mrs Shewan was extremely proud of the children, saying that the children were great scientists, as well as super ambassadors for the school! Next year she is hoping that the event will take place with all nine Dovestone Learning partnership schools.

Liverpool World Museum - June 2019

Year 5 visited Liverpool World Museum on Monday 17th June. First, we had a learning session called ‘We are Aliens’ in a planetarium. The children watched a captivating show in the museum’s planetarium and they explored the question: are we alone? We discovered how our existing understanding of life on earth guides the hunt for alien life elsewhere in the Universe. Year 5 then took part in an important mission, led by ground control. Pupils had the opportunity to handle objects like those used by Tim Peake on his mission to the International Space Station. The class then had the chance to explore the museum and all of its wonderful artefacts in small groups.

Liverpool World Museum - June 2019 - continued

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Trust Activities - April 2019

As part of our Easter RE topic we split the Easter story up into trust and betrayal. We also took part in some trust activities with a partner who we trusted in the class.

Human Hungry Hippos - April 2019

As part of Year 5's Always Treat to end the Spring term we played a game of human hungry hippos. The class had lots of fun! A well deserved treat after a busy term of learning.

Investigating Solubility- March 2019

During British Science Week we started our new science topic 'Everything is changing'. Our first investigation was testing the solubility of different substances. We learnt lots of new scientific vocabulary, such as solute, solution, solvent and solubility. Year 5 are looking forward to the next science experiment!

Super Scientists - March 2019

Monday 11th March was the start of British Science Week. We all dressed up as super scientists! Year 5 have also started our new science topic 'Everything is Changing'. We are looking forward to lots of exciting experiments!

World Book Day - March 2019

Mayor's Office and Council Chambers - February 2019

We then had a heritage tour, where we looked at some historical artefacts. The Mayor even took us into his office!  As part of our ‘Democracy’ topic Year 5 were extremely lucky and had the opportunity to meet the Oldham Mayor! We had a Question and Answer session in the Oldham Council Chambers, where the class got to ask one of their desired questions. We found out that the chain the Mayor wears is 182 years old and is worth £1.3 million! Councillor Javid Iqbal never thought he would be the Mayor when he was younger but he loves his role and said it felt like a ‘dream’ to him and his family. Year 5 were a credit to the school and thoroughly enjoyed this insightful experience.

Feel The Love - Music topic - February 2019

During our 'Feel The Love' music topic we learnt how to play part of the song on the glockenspiel. We thoroughly enjoyed learning to sing the song and finding out lots of facts about Adele. We also looked at the other artists who covered the song. Miss Blyden enjoyed Billy Joel's version.

Kenny Karate - February 2019

Kenny Karate came in today for a whole school PE day. Year 5 had a half hour slot with them. The class thoroughly enjoyed learning some new moves and threw themselves into all of the activities. We even had some karate experts in our class (Turrab, Aaliyah, Harrison and James.W). Well done Year 5!

Speed Stacking- January 2019

In our PE lessons we have been focussing on speed stacking. We have been challenging ourselves to learn the 3-6-3 formation. It wasn't easy! Year 5 then got to play some different games that involved this same formation. It was very tiring and we have been working extremely hard to develop our speed stacking skills.

Litter Picking - January 2019

During our 'Clean up crew' Eco topic we went litter picking around the local area. Year 5 were a credit to themselves and did a fantastic job of cleaning up the surrounding areas of the school.

Mine Field PE Lesson - November 2018

In PE we have been working on team building. We had to work with a partner to get each other through the mine field without setting anything off! Miss Blyden made it very tricky by blindfolding one person in the pair. We were working on our communication skills and it was important that we gave clear directions and instructions to help our partner get through.

Our Class Assembly- Maps - November 2018

Our class assembly was all about maps. We shared some of our letters that we wrote and the poetry that we had done as a class. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed learning the map features song and putting their caps and sunglasses on to perform the map rap.

Year 5 Class Pets - Jeff and Jess

In year 5 we have Variatas Platy fish. We decided to name them Jeff and Jess. We have done some research on our fish and created posters to help inform others of how to look after them if we are not around.

Vincent van Gogh 'Sunflowers' - September 2018

We took a piece of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork ‘Sunflowers’ and broke it into individual pieces. We were all given different pieces of the picture and had to recreate our own section. We had to choose which colours to use for our individual part of the picture. Our giant sunflowers picture is now on display!