Year 5 Events Gallery 2022-23

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 5 this year.


Sports Day - July 2023

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Leesfield's sports day! The children took part in two disciplines, including the egg and spoon, hurdles and 100m sprint races. Once complete, all of Year 5 entered the marathon against their class teacher - Well Done Year 5!

SPACE VR Experience - May 2023 

On Monday 22nd May, Year 5 took part in a virtual reality experience for our Remember Remember topic SPACE. Year 5 loved consolidating their understanding of the universe and also learning some new cool facts about our solar system. We discovered what it is like to be inside the International Space Station, how the Mars Rover travels and looked at the inner workings of gas giants and planets alike. Take a look at some of our busy learning and live reactions to this amazing technological learning opportunity!

Linking Project: Trip to Castleshaw with Mayfield School - May 2023

On Tuesday 16th May, Year 5 took part in the Linking Project with Mayfield Primary School. As part of the Linking Project, both Year 5 classes were tasked with working together in a range of activities. We had to map read, solving tricky orienteering tasks around Castleshaw, and we also had to classify different organisms in a pond using our scientific knowledge. All children enjoyed their day and making new friends. A real hit was playing in the adventure park and feeding the goats at the end of the day. Check out our photos...

Make You Feel My Love - April 2023

After half term, Year 5 completed their Music topic 'Make You Feel My Love'. The children thoroughly enjoyed comparing different covers of this Adele classic, looking at the differences in genres, musical styles and dynamics. Year 5 particularly enjoyed learning musical notation and composing, whilst following a score. Check out some of our busy learning...

Plants Reproductive System (Dissection) - March 2023

Year 5 took part in a plant dissection, looking at the male and female parts of a plant. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring and analysing a Lily plant, bringing their learning to life. 

World Book Day - March 2023

On Thursday the 2nd March, Year five took part in World Book Day. The children enjoyed dressing up as either their favourite book character or an interesting 'wow' word. There were some fantastic costumes on show - including Mr Leighs!  In the afternoon, we wrote a persuasive advert about becoming a Witch, linking to our whole-school writing activity based on the children's book 'Room on the Broom'. Year five certainly came up with some WICKED and MAGICAL responses...

African Art - February 2023

Continuing with our African Art topic, Year 5 then created their own traditional African Mask. The children had to plan which design they wanted to make by researching design processes and traditional African Masks. Once the children made their masks, they were tasked with evaluating their final designs. Check out our work ...  

African Art - January 2023

During our topic African Art, Year 5 took part in a variety of skill and knowledge based activities. First, we looked at different artists from Africa (Including Esther Mahlangu), learning to recreate pieces of art in her style. Next, the children learnt a wide array of sketching techniques and were tasked to apply them within their final piece. Check out some of our results ... 

Bikeability - January 2023

This week Year 5 have completed their Bikeability Level 1 & 2 Proficiency Training. Each day, 6 children took part in a full day’s training in and around the school area learning how to be safe on the road. The children took onboard the information from the instructors, understanding the rules of the road. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this weeks learning! Check out the photos ...

May the Force be with you - November 2022

During our Science topic, Forces, Year 5 have taken part in several investigations and experiments. First, the children looked at the force 'Friction', understanding its effects on two rubbing objects. We then looked at air resistance, working out what size parachute and properties would be best for parachutists. From our findings, Year 5 wrote up instructions on how to complete the experiment for future classes.
Finally, the children then learnt about mechanisms, pulleys and levers (creating their very own catapults) as well as touching on water resistance and buoyancy. Take a look at our busy learning ...


Whole School Archery Taster Day - November 2022

On Wednesday 9th Novembe,r Year 5 took part in the whole school archery taster day. Year 5's session took place in the morning, where children learnt how to shoot arrows at a target, it was great fun! We learnt how to aim and use apply power accurately, whilst cheering on for our peers. It was great to see so many smiles on faces, great work Year 5!


Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Assembly - November 2022

Year 5 performed their class assembly to the whole school on Monday 7th November and then again to their parents on Tuesday 8th. Their assembly was all about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age, linking to our Christian value of Compassion. We learnt two songs: an adaptation of 'We will Rock you!' and 'The Stone Age Era' and learnt a poem in order to perform some choral speaking. The children did a fantastic job of presenting their class assembly and enjoyed singing and performing together.


Stone, Bronze and Iron Age - October 2022

Throughout the last two weeks, Year 5 have completed their topic 'Stone, Bronze and Iron Age'. The children first learnt about the three stages of the Stone Age, creating traditional antler headdresses worn in the Mesolithic era. Next, we discussed how the early homosapians developed their tools using tin and copper, creating bronze and eventually turning to iron. Finally, we ordered and labelled the events that occurred during this time, making a large-scale timeline. Stay tuned for our class assembly after half term!


Starry Night - September 2022

During our 'Starry Night' topic Year 5 learnt all about Vincent van Gogh. First, the children learnt how to use different grade pencils to create texture and depth, then created a mosaic inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. Finally, Year 5 created their own artwork in the style of Van Gogh. Check out some of our results...

Experience Harvest - September 2022

On Tuesday, the children from Year 5 visited church to take part in a ‘Harvest Experience’. We enjoyed moving around the different stations and reflecting on the season of Harvest and the value of ‘Thankfulness’.   As well as making clay pots and boats, the children reflected on the different Harvest gifts. The final message was to reflect on the value of Compassion and Generosity


SPACE The Final Frontier - September 2022

During Year 5's topic Space, the children learnt about the Solar System. We discussed how Earth orbits the Sun and how the Earth's tilt creates the seasons we've come to know, as well as day and night. Year 5 looked at the planets within our Solar System, coming up with mnemonics to remember the order in relation to the Sun. Finally, the children investigated whether or not our shadows change size throughout the day, linking it to our sticky learning. Check out some of our results...