Year 5 Events Gallery 2020-21

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 5 this year.


Clean Up Crew - May 2021

As part of our ‘Clean up crew’ Eco topic we went litter picking in effort to clean up our local community. As a class we worked extremely hard to collect as much litter as we could. All adults were very impressed with year 5’s best efforts to clean up as much as they could. The class were a credit to themselves and the local community will be impressed when they see how clean the areas looked once the groups had finished. We discussed how we were making a massive difference to our local area and the affect that littering has on both humans and animals. All children understood the importance of not littering and using the bin provided to look after our environment and keep everywhere clean and safe.

Everything is Changing: States of Matter part 2 - May 2021

In this session, we conducted an investigation to find the answer to the question, 'Do some solutes dissolve in a solvent (water) to form a solution?' We used a variety of materials and ensured several variables remained the same, so that a fair test could be maintained. We followed a specific line of enquiry and wrote up our findings in a report.

Everything is Changing: States of Matter part 1 - April 2021

Year 5 made lots of different solutions using pasta, rice, paper clips, flour, water, filter coffee and cooking oil. The children had to work in groups to find a separation method that would separate all of the different substances by either sieving, filtering, decanting or magnetism.


Who Was Jesus? Who is Jesus?

For our most recent topic, Year 5 have been looking at the Easter story and asking the questions: 'Who was Jesus? Who is Jesus? We have explored the different names of the Son of God, discussed incarnation & salvation and developed an understanding of why Jesus is the Messiah.


PE - Orienteering (OAA) March 2021

This half-term, we have been working on our teamwork, through 'Outdoor Adventurous Activities'. We have worked on a variety of challenging activities that have required patience, perseverence and resilience. Some of our 'Sticky Learning' goals include: Quickly adapting and refining strategies to improve performance and overcome new challenges; Working effectively as part of a team in different roles and Identifying ways of improving completion time by planning the quickest and most efficient routes, when completing a task.   

'We Miss You' Cards - February 2021

During Children's Mental Health week we decided to make cards for the Y5 children who are being home schooled to show that we are missing them.


Merry Christmas - December 2020

Year 5 wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Aladdin Panto - December 2020

We enjoyed watching the virtual pantomime of Aladdin.

Christmas Dinner - December 2020

We had a great time eating our Christmas dinner.

Advent Hoop - December 2020

Year 5 - Bells/ Poinsettia - GRATEFUL

Music - December 2020

This week, Year 5 have been studying a music topic, focussing on the song, 'Livin on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi. They have loved learning the words and singing along, as well as performing as part of an ensemble, with their glockenspiels. The children even had a go at composing their own songs, using the GarageBand software on the ipads. Great fun!

Gymnastics - December 2020

This half-term, our focus for indoor PE has been 'Gymnastics'. The children have been looking at rolls, jumps, turns and balances and had a go at putting together their own floor routine, which they performed to each other. They tried to incorporate various gymnastic shapes, including: pike, split, straddle and tuck.  


May The Force Be With You Pt.3. - November 2020

The third experiment saw the children learn about water resistance and how it affects objects moving through water. Once again they conducted an experiment to establish whether the shape/surface area of an object, affects its buoyancy.

May The Force Be With You Pt.2. - November 2020

The second experiment that Year 5 carried out was testing air resistance. They constructed different sized parachutes and then measured the time taken for them to fall to the ground, from the second floor! The 'Rule of Three' was applied so that an average time could be calculated. They ensured the test was fair, keeping many conditions constant, whilst only changing one variable. They were 'blown away' by their findings!!

May The Force Be With You Pt.1. - November 2020

During their latest topic on Forces, Year 5 have carried out a variety of experiments. The first of these was based around the question: 'How might the shape and size of a meteorite affect the shape and size of the crater that it leaves in the ground on impact?' They formed their hypothesis, collected and analysed  their data, then concluded their findings. They had a 'hole' lot of fun ;)

Amazing Americas - October 2020

During our Amazing Americas topic, we looked at many geographical features of the continent of North America. We particuarly enjoyed finding out about the varied climate zones and completed puzzle packs, comparing different regions. The children had to match descriptions with data, including graphs for temperature, precipitation and daylight hours, as well as pictures.


Vincent van Gogh Topic - September 2020

As part of our topic about Vincent van Gogh the children enjoyed producing their own version of A Starry Night.


Space the Final Frontier - September 2020

For our recent topic, we studied the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. We conducted an experiment to answer the question: 'How do shadows change throughout the day?' We looked at variables that we could change and how to conduct a fair test, as well as making predictions. We recorded our results and evaluated the evidence to check if our predictions were correct . . . . we were!!