Year 6 Events Gallery 2022-23

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 6 this year.

Manchester Cathedral and Post SATs Treat - June 2023

Year 6 enjoyed a trip in the sunshine to Manchester on Wednesday 14th June. First, we took part in the Leavers' Service at the Manchester Cathedral where we performed songs that we had been learning in preparation for the service and then shared our prayer boxes with other schools. The service was all about transitioning to the next stage in their lives - Year 7 - and there were lots of special messages shared from the Bishop of Manchester. After, we enjoyed an activity at Immersive Gamebox in Manchester and some tasty pizza from Pizza Hut!

Science Topic: Light - May 2023

Year 6 have been exploring how light travels and how shadows are formed using the torches and different objects in the classroom. 

Coronation Activities - May 2023

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of activities to celebrate King Charles III's Coronation. We listened to the story of 'The Old Man of Lochnagar' which is a book that King Charles wrote; we contributed to a collage of the Union Jack and the King's Cypher; planted leek seeds as Prince Charles was the longest serving Prince of Wales and the leek is the national symbol of Wales; and finally we had a little experience of what Charles' like was like at his boarding school - facing a physical obstacle course.

Seder Plate - April 2023

During their RE topic - Linking Christianity and Judaism - Year 6 enjoyed trying some of the different foods that Jews have during Seder (a special meal celebrated by Jews on the first evening of Passover).

Science Lesson: Electricity Topic - March 2023

During British Science Week, Year 6 have been on an Electricity topic. We have learnt about the difference between series and parallel circuits, and even had a go at making some circuits using the different components. Year 6 have also learnt the symbols for electrical components and have began using these in science lessons too. 

PKD Fundraising - March 2023

The whole school have been fundraising for our chosen National Charity, PKD. Year 6 came to school in their PE kits but with a kidney related twist, such as red, green or purple accessories. They took part in a health fitness video on the Thursday morning, as the fundraising this week has been educational - touching on health and science. As well as enjoying some health and fitness activities, we also enjoyed a kidney shaped biscuit and a milkshake!

Robinwood - January 2023

Year 6 had a wonderful time at Robinwood, Todmorden - having the opportunity to explore lots of different exciting activities that challenged them, developed teamwork and stimulated their imagination. They flew from the zip wire, swam in the piranha pool, flung themselves off the trapeze and escaped from the dark dungeon, as well as taking part in many more adrenaline-fuelled activities. Year 6 also set a brilliant example for St Thomas' and they were a credit to the school.


Robinwood - January 2023


Christmas Production: Straw and Order - December 2022

Year 6 were cast as the main characters in our whole school Christmas production - Straw and Order. They did a brilliant job with all of their acting roles and all of the staff and parents were complimentary towards their production.
Merry Christmas from all of Year 6!


Archery - November 2022

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their archery session with Oldham Sports Development. It was a brilliant session and gave the children the opportunity to learn a new skill. It was also great practise for when we go to Robinwood and do an archery session there. We had a go at aiming at the board and then played a game as a team too.


WW1 Timeline Activity - November 2022

In one of our history lessons, Year 6 had to order a timeline that contained lots of important events from WW1. We discussed how to put it into chronological order and listened to a recording from when WW1 ended.


Poppy Appeal Homework Task - November 2022

Year 6 were set a homework task (over the half-term holidays) to make a poppy for our Poppy Appeal/WW1 history topic. The children have enjoyed sewing, baking, painting and using a variety of craft skills at home.


Year 6 Class Assembly: Thankfulness - October 2022

Year 6 performed their class assembly to the whole school on Monday 3rd October and then again to their parents on Tuesday 4th. Their assembly was all about our current Christian value - Thankfulness. They learnt two songs: Thankful by The Juicebox Jukebox and Thankful by Verses; learnt a poem to perform some choral speaking; reenacted a story from the bible; and retold a famous fable. The chidren did a fantastic job of presenting their last class assembly at St Thomas' and enjoyed singing and performing together.


Experience Harvest - September 2022

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the Experience Harvest event over in church. There was a carousel of activities and stations where we met one of the church members who helped us to discover more about how the natural world provides rich harvest for everyone to enjoy. As well as learning about the crops that are grown in our gardens and fields, we thought about the fruits of the spirit that can grow in our lives, like patience, joy and peace. Finally, we all gathered at the Harvest Thanksgiving station to reflect on the way that, for many centuries, God’s people have come together to remember and give thanks for his steadfast goodness.