School Council 2018-19

Two pupils from each class (a boy and a girl) represent the School Council.  The School Council meet Mrs Ireland regularly over the school year to consider how to make our school even better. 

What do School Council do?

The school councillors are elected by the children in their class:

-  They go to school council meetings and take part in discussions

-  They let the class know what has been discussed at the meetings

-  They take the views of the classmates to the school council

-  Be involved in projects that the school council runs.


A School Councillor...

-  is committed and determined to make a difference.

-  always thinking about ways to improve the school.

-  talks to children and staff about the school council.

-  Learns new skills.

-  Has ideas about things the school council can do.

-  listens to other childrens' views and understands them.

-  Cares about school and wanting to improve it.

Our School Council 2018-19

Isabella and Calum - School Council Leaders



Molly Jo










School Council - Spring Initiatives 2019

Coming soon...

School Council - Autumn Initiatives 2018

This year, School Council has been working on a presentation to show how great our school is. Each class prepared a 5 minute discussion to share their ideas about what makes St Thomas Leesfield awesome! We have also been discussing school uniform; particularly the summer dresses. Class pets have also been a talking point. Each class will choose a pet to adopt at some point during the school year. School Council is important so that the children of St Thomas’ feel that they have a voice and can be free to share ideas, that are listened to.